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Residential Projects

When making interior designs for a residence, we generally remember that each space inside a house has its very own pith – be it the lounge room, room, children's room, kitchen, patio, restroom or dining room. It is our essential employment during the ideation just as the execution of your home plan to ensure that each piece of your living arrangement echoes your own taste, at the same time maintaining its usefulness.

The master group at 8 Corners cautiously surveys the styling and outfitting needs of your living space just as of every one of the relatives before making a customized residential design idea for you. Everything from the furniture to the complete process of, lighting, plumbing installations, and different frill are chosen by them in consistency with the customized home interior plan curated for you.

Commercial Projects

When structuring corporate office interior, the key is to strike a harmony among styling and ideal space use. Directly from the passage through the gathering to the work floor and meeting rooms to office furniture plan and lighting, each part of the corporate office ought to mirror the vision of the organization. That is actually why we have the best commercial interior architects in our group.

At 8 Corners, the master interior designers base your corporate office plan on a careful investigation of what you need and what your customers, workers, and business partners are hoping to encounter when they enter your office.

Construction Projects

With the help of our progressed infrastructural office, we offer the Turnkey Construction Services to our clients in an advanced way. Our total administrations are offered to utilize the most recent apparatus and conveying propelled procedures.

We have exceedingly experienced experts, who hold skill in this area and works intimately with our clients to comprehend their needs and offer the services in like manner.

Full Turnkey Solution

The word 'Turnkey' has truly made its rounds in business language.

Turnkey, in a corporate sense, implies completely prepared, or ready-to-go, as on account of an item that is intended to be a full-bundle bargain. We, at 8 Corners, go in with a plan of interior designing—for progress. The disentangled adaptation of this outline in acoustics can be connected practically in the interior designing segment.

Our Full Turnkey solution includes:



We plan the project as per the clients’ requirements.


NPI Process

We define, develop, and launch the new or improved project.


BOM Procurement

We initiate a Bill of Materials of the materials required for designing.


Design for Manufacturing

We design the sites in such a way that manufacturing becomes handy.



completion, we test our projects in the real-time to the most satisfactory level.

Our contracting groups are specially prepared for effective and quality-arranged development rehearses, magnificent completing, and meticulousness.

Our approach

Our approach to each project begins with listening carefully to identify goals and objectives for the project. From these objectives we are able to direct the design decisions and overall design/construction solutions to create the greatest quality, impact, and efficiency for the finished project. The following is a summary of our three-part team centered approach, which ensures the maximum visual result for the budget, delivered with excellent quality, and within highly efficient project timeframes.


As the initial conceptual designs are being established, a project team is assigned and is responsible for the initiation and execution of the planning, and ultimately construction of the final project. This ensures the project runs as smoothly as possible while minimizing communication-related problems. Due to our unique design through completion approach, all of our design, architecture/planning, production, and implementation teams communicate daily as each element is being planned and designed throughout each phase of the project.

The on site work begins with a comprehensive site survey and 3D laser scanning of each space to obtain 3D photo and point cloud data. During this time we discuss the overall design direction for the project, as well as planning for the operational needs of the property. Based on this input, we create conceptual decor design and programming drawings to provide accurate views of the property, overall site layout plan, project phasing and budget priorities.

During this conceptual design phase, we can schedule online design reviews, where real time changes are able to be made. Both on site meetings and conference calls are used to ensure design intent is achieved and priorities are addressed. These meetings provide immediate and interactive communication about the design direction, allowing input to happen in a streamlined and productive manner.


As the design concepts are finalized, our in-house architectural team produces specifications and detailed coordination drawings to facilitate the construction of the project, while delivering the planned visual impact. Our production team is also very involved throughout the planning phase to ensure each design element correctly translates to the finished project. Likewise, our design team remains integrally involved throughout the planning and implementation of each project to ensure the “wow” seen in the original design is maintained for the location. This team structure allows for a truly “Design Driven” project to produce the best overall look, quality, and efficiency; resulting in the greatest return for the property.

Our construction team is involved throughout the design and planning process so the drawings take into account existing infrastructure and create the most efficient plan for each location. Designs will typically include overall color palettes; decor theme planning; custom designed flooring and finishes; specialty and custom lighting elements; changes in ceiling elevation to create comfortable and interesting areas within the space; furniture selections; relevant imagery and artwork that can be incorporated into wall coverings and fixtures; signage; and other décor elements which are designed to set the location apart as a destination within it’s region.


Our unique multi-disciplined approach to building and implementing a design concept provides the most efficient process. The preparation for on-site activity begins with manufacturing and pre-assembly of all the specialty decor and theming elements in our state-of-the-art-facility. Each element of the design is fabricated directly from the digital design files through use of precision computerized equipment to ensure absolute integrity and the highest degree of finish quality. In-house fabrication allows for the integration of programmable LED lighting and custom finishes in ways that are much more difficult onsite, providing the greatest visual impact and interest within each space. Architectural elements are also pre-assembled in our facility so lighting, specialty finishes, and the overall presentation can be fine tuned before arriving at the location.

During the offsite manufacture of the custom décor, our onsite project team mobilizes the site and begins planned demolition, MEP modifications, and other work to facilitate the successful renovation project. All onsite work is clearly partitioned off and closely regulated to ensure the best presentation for the property and safety for guests throughout the project. The goal is to create a “performance” for the project on site, and build anticipation for both staff and customers as they see what is coming for them. Work is performed in phases so that it can be planned to accommodate the guest experience. As an extension of the onsite team, our architectural and design teams are always directly involved to provide input and solutions to ensure design integrity throughout. The result of this approach is that high quality, beautiful environments are created within highly reduced timeframes. These projects have a track record of excellent return on investment. Please feel free to ask for our reference list.